Online Casino Reviews

If you want to gamble online, you will soon want to know where and how to do it. Looking for the best online casinos, nothing more. Here you can find and read it. I will take you to some of the best casinos. I will also explain which games you can play and the types of bonuses available. I will also provide you with information on the best available payment methods. Finally, I also provide you with information about the best software developers. So look no further, because you can read it here.

How do we evaluate online casinos?

To be the best online casino, it is of course not only important to have many different games. Therefore, we extensively researched various online casino sites for players. The most obvious is that we first look at whether it is possible to play in this casino. Not all online casinos on the Internet offer the possibility of playing in every country.

In addition, we check whether the correct license is provided, so they are reliable online casinos. We will also study various bonuses and promotions, what payment methods are available, how to provide customer service and whether to display the eCOGRA logo at the end. Read more information here.

Online gambling


At the time of writing, online casinos are not yet regulated. It is a miracle that the huge industry generates more than 800 million euros in revenue every year. Therefore, the government is busy regulating online casinos in the Netherlands. In this way,  Internet casinos can also become the best online casinos. But for online casino players, everything is legal. Therefore, according to the law, all online casinos accepted are safe.

Therefore, the Dutch online casino most suitable for the Dutch is not a casino accepted by the Dutch, but a further casino. There are many good casino sites, but there are also many bad sites. But you will not find the real Dutch top casino online. Because it is not yet possible to open an online casino for the Dutch.

BetAmo Casino: 100% bonus to €300 + 150 free spins


Are you lucky? Do you want to test your skills against skilled dealers? BetAmo Casino can provide you with the experience you need. New players will receive a great welcome package, while existing users and VIPs will receive a series of attractive promotions. Betamo Casino offers more than 2,400 games for Dutch players, ranging from slot machines to live casino games. The casino is licensed in Malta and provides a secure online casino that allows you to place bets, entertain and withdraw your winnings with confidence.

Spinia Casino: 100% bonus to €250 plus 50 spins


The logo is simple and colorful. It is very similar to the website itself, because it is easy to play here, but has many features. The slogan of the casino is: "Never Ending Party". They want you to enjoy. this is very simple. The online casino nl was first established in 2018. One thing to be aware of in new casinos is their reliability. Spinia is not only licensed by the well-respected Malta Gaming Authority, but also many experienced players give positive reviews to Spinia Casino. There are no red flags here.

NordiCasino: 200% up to €200 + 20 additional spins


At NordiCasino, there are many great additional facilities, including Wonderwheel. However, there are many strict conditions, you must read the rules before signing a contract with NordiCasino. If you have read these fine prints and think you want to gamble here? Then there is absolutely nothing wrong with NordiCasino, because all the correct licenses and security are provided here.

The most popular payment method


If you find the right safe online casino, then you naturally want to play real money games too. In most cases, this is only possible when you deposit the first money. Make sure to do this only in reliable online casinos in the Netherlands. Question: What is the best payment method? You will find the answer here.



As a good online casino payment method, we really no longer need to introduce iDeal. It is now widely known and widely used. This is because the security is very good, and it is very easy to use, and it needs to go through your own bank. Therefore, top online casinos can choose to use iDeal for payment, which makes Dutch casinos reliable. The best Dutch casinos have this option, you can play for real money, which will be the most common payment method for most people.


You can use Paysaf card without using a bank or credit card. You can even pay in cash. It is ideal for those who like to pay in cash. This is the card you bought in the store. The card has a code and value. You can then enter this code in the best online casinos, and you can use the amount to play games online. Please note that in the Netherlands, these methods can be a bit tricky. As there are not many shops selling this card.



Neteller is a payment method specifically used in online casinos. The best Dutch casinos online have this payment method. Neteller only works with casinos that have the correct license, so if they accept these payment methods, you can easily assume that the online casino is safe. The best casino sites use this payment method, which makes online casinos reliable.



Skrill is an online wallet, the biggest advantage is that it is completely anonymous. Therefore, the casino cannot see who paid. This ensures that the best online casinos also accept this possibility. You can also use this option to withdraw money, even in Bitcoin casinos. This is because in Skrill, you can also choose various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Therefore, Skrill is the best online payment method.



PayPal is also the name of an account that most people know and may already have. Like Skrill, it is an online wallet that is used in many industries. However, in the casino world, this is just a common payment method. This means that you cannot use PayPal to go to most online casino sites. It does not matter whether the online casino is Dutch.

Types of online games


Just like in the best casinos in the Netherlands, you can also play many different games online. In addition, the online world provides the opportunity to create and invent the best Internet casino games. The jackpot is high, there are many kinds, and the possibilities are endless. Here, we illustrate some games you can expect online.



Perhaps one of the most famous things in the best online casinos is slot machines. You also often encounter it online. The biggest advantage of slot machines is that they usually offer huge jackpots, you can bet very flexibly, and they are very suitable for playing on mobile devices. Using the touch screen, you can play normally on most slots without too many problems. In addition, there are thousands of online slots for almost every topic imaginable, so there is always an interesting slot.



Roulette is familiar to most people. Normal casinos need a big table and roulette. Is it convenient to be online? The game works in the same way, and there are multiple game options with different rules. The most famous in the Netherlands is European Roulette, but don't forget French Roulette and American Roulette. Then there are some online casino sites that still have their own rules.



Online blackjack is a game that most people play in one way or another in their lifetime. In some corners of the country, this is also called the 21s. This is a card game where the goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding this value. There are also different options and sometimes different rules. If you find these rules, be sure to read them before you start playing.

Top casino bonuses


The best online casino sites in the Netherlands also have the best bonuses. In particular, remember that every casino has its own bonuses and promotions, and has its own rules to unlock these bonuses. Before you start calculating your own wealth, be sure to read the rules about these bonuses. In most cases, the larger the bonus and the stricter the rules, the lower the chance of actually getting the bonus.

1. Welcome bonus


This is usually a big reward and you can get used to attracting you in various internet casinos in the Netherlands. Here, you can often get a lot, sometimes more than a thousand euros, but this bonus is always a lump sum. Cannot get this bonus again. In order to avoid obtaining the account a second time, it is generally not allowed to create a second account. You have to follow the rules of this bonus to get it.

2. Free spin bonus


The Free Spins bonus is a bonus that almost every Dutch online casino has. You usually get many free spins on a certain slot. This ensures that you will be introduced to certain slots. Keep in mind that these locations are usually much better than the casino for your casino. You usually have to bet these free spins a few times before you can withdraw them. Generally, you can bet at most at a time. Read the conditions carefully to get this bonus.

3. No deposit bonus


Most people want to see the bonus. This is a bonus you often get because you are loyal. You do not need to deposit money for this to receive the bonus. Usually this is a few or more free spins. In addition, you must read the conditions carefully, otherwise you may not be able to withdraw this bonus. This is a bonus that most players often appreciate, and not many online casinos in the Netherlands have it.

4. High-roller bonus

A bonus that only loyal players can get. These are usually the least stringent bonuses, the highest amount and the highest free spins. Remember, very few people will receive it. This usually applies to players who have bet thousands of euros and usually lose a lot. This is a way for the casino to retain these players. Therefore, in the long run, they can make more money.

Different types of online casinos


There are many different types of online casinos. This is something most novice players would not think of. It is always useful to think in advance on which platform you will be most effective. Whether it's on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. It doesn't matter which platform you choose, but some casinos are better equipped on some platforms.

Live casino


These casinos work best on a stable internet connection. There is often a group of live co-hosts. The co-host was indeed playing games, so it was like in a real casino. This way becomes very big and makes you feel like you are in a real online casino. Keep in mind that this is much slower than most online games you can play, because the real co-host may be slower than the program, and besides, you will almost never play on the table alone. In this best casino, you always play for real money and are usually designed purely for games that the casino needs. You cannot find any slots here.

New Casino


There are many new online casinos on the market every year. Not all casinos are equally safe, and few survive. Too many casinos will close in a year, and you can whistle on your winnings. On the other hand, the advantage of these new casinos is that they use the latest technology and therefore also have the latest slot machines. This makes these casinos often interesting. It is especially important to ensure that you have a good company. Online casino 2020 will also produce some incredibly good casinos.

Mobile casino


As the name suggests, these are casinos specially built for mobile users. If you want to play on a tablet, this type of Dutch online casino is also most effective. Some casinos require you to download applications, while others only work through a browser. Generally, the quotes on mobile devices are slightly lower than those on the computer version, which is mainly due to the limitations of mobile phones and tablets. However, whether you use Android or iPhone or iPad to play. In most cases, you can do this without any problems.



To use the iPhone to play casino games, it is most necessary to download the application from the AppStore. This is because most games played through the browser use Flash, and the iPhone does not support this Flash in its browser. If you have an iPhone, it is useful to check if this casino has an app in advance.



If your iPhone does not have a flash, the iPad is fine. Therefore, using your iPad, you can play online Internet casinos through your browser, and you can actually play at any online casino. If you don't want to play through the browser, you can also download the application from the casino through the AppStore.



To play games with a mobile device using android, you only need to check whether Dutch online casinos offer their online games through a browser. In this case, it can be played on android. Is this a tablet or a mobile phone. If you want to do this, in most cases, you can also download the app from the Google Play Store.

Best casino software


If you want to play online casino games, then you will meet many software developers. Most well-made games are made by Microgaming, Betsoft or NetEnt. These are mainly to make the slot machine have good bonuses, high jackpots, flexible betting, high-quality graphics, compatibility with mobile devices, fascinating stories and a high return on investment.

Microgaming is famous for its titles: "The Immortal Romance", "Mega Moolah" and "Thunderstruck 2". These slot machines have high jackpots, and sometimes millions of bets may be encountered, and top Internet casinos can also cooperate with them. NetEnt is known for its titles: Stardust, Gonzo Mission and Mega. Among them, Stardust is mainly used for free spins, and Mega Fortune offers the highest jackpot with a record of more than 10 million euros. The most famous names of Betsoft are: Mamma Mia, Chilli Pop, Sugar Pop2. They mainly focus on high repayment rates.

All three software developers also provide a variety of board games, such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat.

Blacklist casino


We put some casinos on blacklist. This is related to the behavior of the casino and we do not recommend that you use these casinos. If the casino does not pay, the quality of customer service is poor, the game does not work properly, or other forms of fraud, the casino will be blacklisted.